Vous trouverez ici toutes les chorégraphies enseignées durant l’année en cours. Pour vous entrainer, voilà plusieurs façons :

  • via les fiches de pas (step sheets), qui sont répertoriées sur plusieurs sites, notamment Les Talons sauvages (en Français) ou Copperknob (en Anglais) : tapez le nom de la chorégraphie / du chorégraphe / de la musique…
  • en vidéo via les chaînes Youtube des profs (Les Talons sauvages, Eric Lecardonnel, Frederab, Destination Country 94, Gauthier Agnes, caroza1, CHD78, LineDanceDallas4, Vivian Tu Linedance 2, A Dancer, 윤은희, Brigitte Sormain, Dancinjim11…), mais aussi des chorégraphes (Rachael McEnaney-White, Raymond Sarlemijn, Séverine Fillon, Maddison Glover, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat…), et autres (Country Linedance France…).

Bonnes révisions 🙂

Sixteen Summers
Curious Girl
Green Earth
Agua y Fuego
September in the Rain
Rebel's Kick
Oh Carol
I've Got Mexico
Over the Moon
The Galway Gathering
Down on your Uppers
Lullaby Waltz
Save Me Tonight
Mountains to the Sea
Lindi Shuffle
American Kids
Save Me Tonight
Oh Carol
Who Do You Love
Let's Twist Again
Love Will Win
Go Cat Go
Country as Can Be
I Got a Woman
Do You Remember
Until Good Gets Here
Girl of the Summer
Twist and Shake
Rocket to the Sun
Have a Good Time
Mess of Blues
Bullfrog on a Log
Cut a Rug
Cowboy Boogie

Whole Again
Havana Cha
Three Amigos
Wandering Hearts
Curious Girl
Every Time She Walks By
Sunday Chacha
I Got This Too
Big City Summer Time
Every Time She Walks By
Nancy Mulligan
Sweet Hurt
Dancin' The Dust
Bring Down the House
Happy Happy Happy
Lonely Drum
Another Country
Do You Remember
Dance Her Home
Dancing the Dust
Dame Mas
Champagne Promise
Old and Grey
Blue Ain't Your Color
Dance Her Home
Rose from the Sea
Stop Staring at My Eyes
Your Heaven
Moo Dee Blues
Summer Sway
Happy Happy
Lonely Drum
Dancing Around It

Slow Hands
And Get It On
That Look
I Got This Too
Friends for Life
My Old Man
Celtic Duo
Slow Burn 17
Cry to Me
This Time Nashville
Amarte Bachata
Ouzo & Black
You Got Me I Got You
Dear Friend
The Violin
Hungry Hearts
Butterflies and Kisses
Wasted Time
Dixie Girl
Nancy Mulligan
Dame Mas
Eyes for You
A Donde Voy
Before You Go Forever
Work Work

Slow Hands
All the King's Horses
Enough Is Enough
Capital Letters
Hearts on Fire
Pull You Through
Run Me Like a River
Southern Thing
Part Time Girlfriend
Rhythm Inside
This Time Nashville
If You Ever
Look Good Again
No Stress
Hurts Like a Chacha
The Ghost of You
Throwback Love
Refund to My Heart
Crazy Perfect Mess
Tango with Me Darling
Echoes of Love
About Feelings