Vous trouverez ici toutes les chorégraphies enseignées durant l’année en cours. Vous trouverez également les fiches de pas correspondantes, ainsi que les liens vers des vidéos de démonstration. Il vous suffit de sélectionner le menu correspondant à votre niveau.

– les fiches de pas (step sheets) sont répertoriées sur plusieurs sites, notamment Les Talons sauvages (en Français) ou Copperknob (en Anglais) : tapez le nom de la chorégraphie / du chorégraphe / de la musique…

– les vidéos Youtube sont celles des professeurs (Les Talons sauvages, Eric Lecardonnel, Frederab, Destination Country 94, Gauthier Agnes, caroza1, CHD78, LineDanceDallas4, Vivian Tu Linedance 2, A Dancer, 윤은희, Brigitte Sormain, Dancinjim11…), mais aussi des chorégraphes (Rachael McEnaney-White, Raymond Sarlemijn, Séverine Fillon, Maddison Glover, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Daniel Trepat…), et autres (Country Linedance France…). Bonnes révisions 🙂

A Love Dance
Celtic Waltz
Say Something
South Of Queens
That's When I Remember
Love Ain't
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Too Many Love Songs
The Road
My Wave
Baby Sharks
Heave Away
All That We Need
Back To The Start
I Love It
Upside Down
Love You More
These All Boots
Upside Down
Cowboy Boogie

Kitchen Dance Floor
Remember This
Don't Break The <3
Make It
I Will Carry You
In The Dark
Mama & Me
Impossible Love
2 Stepping Away
Storm and Stone
Crazy What Love Can Do
All Summer
Til The Neon's Gone

Dancing With Seoul
Knock Off
Portland Cha
Nothing But A Crush
Summer and Passion
Kitchen Dance Floor
Cut Me Loose
And Get It On
Down To One
Break Into My Heart
Dim The Lights
Show Me The Rain
The Violin
Tonight We're Dancing
I've Seen It All
Cyber Remix
Sweet Attraction
Standing With You Tonight
Good To Go
Never Not
Before I Go
'Til You Can't
Here Goes Nothing
You Had Me At Drink
Forever Together
Again and Again

Chorégraphies enseignées en 2021-2022

Some Say
A Un Paso De La Luna
You're Some Girl
Boheme Supreme
Kiss Me Like U
Love Blues
Faith, Hope and Love
Keep it Simple
Another Country
Stealing The Best
Fly Me To The Moon
Love Ain't
Always Next To Me
Tango Pa'Bailar
South Of Queens
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Please Shut Me Down
Soul Food
Too Drunk To Drive
Mamma Maria
Love ain't
AB Working 9 To 5
Rocket To The Sun
Country Boy Lovin'
Bedroom Boogie
Whiskey Bridges
Easy Dance
Born To Love You
Back To The Start
Sixteen Summer

A Love Dance
Here We Go
A Little Light On
Soul Stirring
Good On Paper
The Captain
Breaking Me
A Little Bit Louder
Dance Without A Partner
Cold Heart
Just Fly
Summer Sands
Week-end Vibes
People Break
Keep Young
Crystal Touch
Late Night Habits
Same Boat
Oceans Will Climb
Just Keep Falling

I've Seen It All
Standing With You Tonight
You Had Me at Drink
No Fear For The Fight
Dixie Fix
Feel Alright
Sweet Attraction
Run Me Like A River
'Til You Can't
Rolling With Love
Give Me Shivers
Little Less Broken
Again And Again
Would Have Loved Her
Going Going Gone
Bad Habits
Tik Tok Love
Quit The Show
Colorado Sky
Sunrise Waltz
Impossible Is Possible
Is This Too Much

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